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Peter Ivanov, author of
Virtual Power Teams

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Peter Ivanov’s Award Winning method for leading remote Virtual Power Teams delivers projects faster, reduces cost and develops your organisation for the future.

Virtual teams using his method have won several prestigious business awards, including “Best of the Best” in 2007 and “Global IT Connect Award” in 2012. 

Get the results you deserve from your modern workforce & grow your business.

Chris Steely, a Tony Robbin’s international business consultant


Chris Steely has shared the stage with numerous world-class presenters, facilitators, and business leaders, has coauthoring books with Steven Covey, John Gray, and Les Brown, and has served as one of Tony Robbin’s top international business consultants.

He is consistently sought out by the world’s most esteemed leaders to participate in the global dialogue for social transformation and inspiration.

This webinar is part of that discussion. Learn how to run a world-class organization in tomorrow’s market.



Most businesses look at the wrong data in their dashboards. If you pick the right metrics, and if you know how to engage your staff to execute your strategy, then you’ll start profiting from your business intelligence.

Use your BI to create the right Metrics and the right Goals to grow from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. That’s strategic execution.

ResultsBI’s CEO and serial entrepreneur, Marc Daniels, presents.

Leveraging Your Power BI Dashboard 


Put your Microsoft Power BI investment to work. Grow your business by reviewing your data in Meetings and by using it to create Metrics and Goals that your team can rally around.

Modern management is inspired by strategy and driven by data. PowerBI provides the data, and ResultsBI provides the management platform that uses it.

ResultsBI’s CEO and serial entrepreneur, Marc Daniels, presents.



See the business management platform used by thousands worldwide. Four components enable you to align your team with your strategy, so they know what to do to grow your business:

One-Page Strategic Plan
Business Intelligence Dashboard
Connect Communications™

Manage your company from your phone, hold outstanding meetings, and empower your employees to succeed.

ResultsBI’s CEO and serial entrepreneur, Marc Daniels, presents.