Sturdy McKee

San Francisco Bay Area

Certified RESULTSBI Consulting Partner


EO, Strategic Planning, KPI's, Physical Therapy, General Practice Medical


Coaching is a partnership and a can turn into a long term relationship, but don’t worry about over committing too soon. Coaching goes beyond teaching and advising to engagement, caring, and personal and business growth. When looking for a business coach, it is critical that you interview and spend time working with your prospective coach to assess fit, direction, expertise, and how they can help you.

I am currently offering 2 options for coaching, “Individual Business Coaching” and Coaching with the platform.

Individual Business Coaching (Option 1)

Individual Business Coaching is for business owners, founders, and even for leadership teams, not just individuals.

We use a proven framework to put structure in place to grow, manage, and scale your business. The pillars of this framework are Vision, Strategy, and Execution. Each of those pillars has components that you develop to construct those pillars for your business. My job is to coach you through that process, challenge your assumptions, share best practices and experiences, provide tools and structure, and hold you accountable to continually move the ball forward to achieve your goals.

Many clients are not quite ready to dive directly into their Vision and Strategic work. Often they are reaching out for help to get control of their time, their money, or their staff, and sometimes all three.

Among the first steps that have been most effective for past clients are:

  • to put structure in place around time management in order to have time to work on the big picture and longer term strategy

  • get a handle on cash flow and revenue to provide the space to work on the big picture and longer term strategy

  • establish basic management systems to begin the path toward control and team alignment to provide the harmony to work on the big picture and longer term strategy

As you can see, there is a running theme here. Without creating the time, the financial space, and the breathing room to work on the big picture, also known as your Vision and Strategy, great Execution does not have a chance. And continual, effective Execution of a well conceived Strategy is the only thing that will get you to your Vision and to achieve your personal and business goals.

And don’t worry if you are in the midst of a crisis. You are not alone. If you find yourself trying to dig yourself and your business out of chaos, you are not alone. Every business owner and founder finds themselves in the midst of a crisis or emergency at various points in their business journey. It is often these crises that spur action, and cause people to finally reach out for help. I am used to, and very happy, working with people to get through this phase in order to move on to the longer term, bigger picture items that beget true success.

RESULTSBI Coaching (Option 2)

Stephen Lynch, the former President of ResultsBI, was my business coach back in 2010 and 2011. I learned from him and other ResultsBI coaches and applied those lessons to my businesses.

When ResultsBI recently decided to relaunch coaching and consulting by engaging and training outside coaches in the ResultsBI methodology, I was fortunate to be the first person through that training, providing feedback and insights from my previous days as a ResultsBI client, and lessons learned over the ensuing 8+years. I am very proud to now be a Certified ResultsBI Partner, and to have been able to contribute to the program.

I like using the full ResultsBI platform because it allows me to position my clients for success, and the ResultsBI training augments my training and coaching. It helps provide the structure, training, and alignment that enables every manager to be a positive influence on their direct reports and on the business as a whole.

If your business is in a steady state, or even stuck, and you are looking to scale, grow, and develop systems and processes to enable the next stages of growth, this option might be a great fit for you.

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