Since launching back in 2013, our primary focus has been to help the companies we serve execute their business strategy and grow. We are proud to have helped over 8,000 business with our One-Page Strategic Plan. 

While the One Page Plan is an important foundational level for any business, our full platform includes 1) the Results Dashboard and 2) Results Integrated MeetingsTM and is used by thousands of users. 

The Results Dashboard

Unlike any other dashboard, the Results Dashboard not only tracks numerical goals but additionally tracks the strategic projects that are the key to achieving the numerical goals. This is important as simply looking at numbers does not change your results whereas executing the strategic projects drives the actual achievement of your numerical goals. 

Results Integrated Meetings

Many customers consider the Results Integrated MeetingTM component to be the most important component of the Results platform in that it provides the pulls everything together in one place... where teams meet to drive engagement, accountability and ultimately the successful execution of your strategic plan 

Results Business Intelligence | Results BI

We are proud that the Results application is now used by thousands of users in over 14 countries. In the process of learning and growing together, we have recognized the need and opportunity to further utilize and leverage the business intelligence available to our clients within the Results application. 

From our position as a product leader, we feel we are in a perfect place to take the next step in our journey. I am proud to announce Results BI — whereby we are now focused on leveraging the power of Business Intelligence to help our clients execute their strategic plans and ultimately drive results. 

In our first release, we will embed access to Microsoft Power BI Dashboards. Additionally, with 100’s of integrations supported you will have the ability to bring more data seamlessly into the Results platform. 

You Are Invited to Attend a Results BI Preview Webinar

I look forward to providing you an exclusive sneak preview of Results BI.

To achieve this, we will be offering several live webinars highlighting just some of the new capabilities that we will be bringing into the Results platform. The webinar dates are: