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Ineffective meetings can be a tremendous drain, costing your company valuable resources—especially time. The answer is not to eliminate them but to improve them.

Constructive meetings follow the "Five P's of Productive Meetings." Each meeting has a purpose; the templated agenda provides a structured process; preparation is required; therefore everyone who attends participates; and progress is recognized by tracking real-time Metrics (KPIs) and strategic projects.

Standardized agendas for routine meetings are powerful, and IntegratedMeetings™ provides templates for several meeting types; 

  • The Weekly Team Meeting

  • The Daily Team Huddle

  • The Weekly One-on-One Meeting

  • The All Hands Meeting

  • Quarterly Strategic Meetings

RESULTS makes it easy for staff members to prepare. Team members can build meeting preparation into their work rhythm. And what really makes IntegratedMeetings™ so effective is the way the system drives accountability. Team members are responsible to each other for their performance and for supporting each other. 

In the Weekly Team Meeting, it is all about peer accountability. In the Daily Team Huddle, coworkers track daily accountability. 

And in your Weekly One-on-One Meetings, you review individual performance. And by keeping KPI's and Projects front and center, you can easily identify problems or roadblocks and agree on the best next steps.

'We’ve worked on how we empower, and we coach our team based on RESULTS’ training, which is to know the goal, the reality, the options–and the will. I think a lot of our people have gotten the confidence to say, "Hey we can do this,” and they make the right decisions.'
— Gem Heart, HG Group