Real-Time KPI Dashboard

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At the core of the RESULTS software system is a real-time Metrics dashboard, or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard, if you prefer.

Many businesses today are handicapped by looking backward over old data to see if goals were hit. The RESULTS dashboard provides leading indicators in real-time, so every day you and your staff can track progress. 

There are hundreds of dashboard programs on the market. So, what makes RESULTS different? 

First, no more running reports from myriad of systems your business uses. Instead, real-time data is pulled in automatically, through integrations, from all your key informational systems, such as Accounting, CRM, Marketing, Web-Traffic, Manufacturing and more. Those metrics are consolidated into an easy-to-follow, color-coded dashboard.

Unlike other any other dashboard, RESULTS displays strategic Projects in the same view. Looking at key-metrics alone on a daily or weekly basis will not necessarily drive the results of your company on their own. To grow a business, you typically require strategic initiatives or strategic projects to drive the metrics. An example might be "Launch a new online marketing campaign." That's a "strategic project," and in the RESULTS system, unlike any other system, strategic Projects and Metrics are displayed in the same dashboard. 

That way, you always know where you are, with both your strategic projects and the metrics that these projects drive. You can assign Tasks, track progress, and take corrective action well before the month or quarter ends.

RESULTS is the only management platform that ties strategic planning directly to the metrics you want the business to achieve.