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Michael Gidlewski

Michael Gidlewski

Studies published in the Harvard Business Review and conducted by global consulting firms like Bain or Mckinsey prove it: businesses that have a strong strategic plan, and who make sure that everyone understands it, do significantly better. They attract the right prospects, close most of them, and grow to dominate their market.

But only about 20% of businesses have a strategic plan. And among those only 23% of their managers and as few as 5% of their employees know what it says.

This is your chance to grow your company and leave your competitors in the dust.

Here’s how: Achievement Unlimited, in conjunction with RESULTS.com, will help you become a strategic planning superstar.

RESULTS will provide you with the world’s best One-Page Strategic Plan, designed to help you share it and teach it to your whole team. And Achievement Unlimited will provide you with one hour of focused consulting to help you create a great plan that will inspire your people and focus them on what matters most to your business.

This is an exclusive, time-sensitive offer for VISTA Today readers only. Your Strategic Planning Action Kit includes everything you need to create a strategic plan for the first time, or to enhance your current strategy and make it sing:

  • A 1-hour private consultation with a Senior Strategic Advisor

  • 4 hours of video training and workbooks,

  • Strategic planning software with One Page Strategic Plan, up to 8 users and a 12-month subscription

If you are interested in learning more, fill out the form on the right and click the button. Review the materials and if interested, complete your purchase online. Members of our team will be in contact to schedule your consultation and you will have access to your software immediately.

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