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Our Software is based on what we refer to as the Four Pillars. Found in most successful businesses, they're proven methods known originally as the "Rockefeller Habits." Many popular management books expand upon them, such as Scaling Up by Verne Harnish or Traction by Gino Wickman. Consulting organizations and consultants all over the world use this approach. The RESULTS system provides the software framework that makes the Four Pillars easy to implement, helping organizations of many kinds execute their strategic plans.


One Page Strategic Plan

The foundation of the system is our One Page Strategic Plan. 

Strategic planning is not about filling out boxes on a template, it’s about making wise strategic choices that will set your organization up for future success. 

Our plan will guide you through the process of making wise decisions, and show you how to cascade your strategy down throughout your organization so everyone can see how their role and their goals contribute to the organization’s success. Read more...


Real-Time Projects & Key Performance Indicators

Real-Time Projects & Key Performance Indicators

Real-time metrics report your real-world status, and Projects let you manage your response. Many businesses today are handicapped by looking backwards over old data to see if goals were met. The RESULTS dashboard provides leading indicators in real-time, and helps you direct your future.

That way, you can pivot when you see a way to succeed sooner, and you can take corrective action well before the month or quarter ends. Read more...


Integrated Meetings™

better communications and execution

You can have a strong strategic business plan, great Metrics (KPIs) and visionary projects – and still not see growth. Why? In most businesses it is because of poor execution and the lack of accountability.

Our Integrated Meeting feature addresses this in a constructive and supportive way. Every Meeting includes data, integrated right into the meeting, so executives, managers and employees can all understand what is working, what is marginal and what requires help. Success is studied and replicated, Tasks are assigned, and the execution of your Strategic Plan falls into place. Read more...


Collaborate in Context

Effective communication is key to the success of any business

However, today's workplace has become so saturated with email and texting that communications actually breakdown. People waste time searching several platforms, asking themselves, "Where did I see that message? Where is that document? Why am I included in this thread?"

Connect™ from is a game changer. It attaches your communications regarding a particular Metric, Project or Team directly to the Metric, Project or Team. Using the RESULTS platform keeps your communications focused on business, and saves enormous amounts of time by collecting everything relevant into the same place. Read more...


What Our Clients Have To Say


With the help of the Platform we exceeded our 2016 growth target by 23%.

Gerry Suckling, General Manager, Intex Group

As an IT professional with over 13 years of management experience, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless leadership products over the years. Meetings with Impact is by far one of the most comprehensive and real world trainings I’ve come across in my career. The material is designed to help you guide your teams to measurable, repeatable success. This program should be a requirement for any manager who wants to learn how to effectively lead within their organization.

Pete Manglaviti, Director of Learning, JMARK Business Solutions 

Since implementing RESULTS production output increased by 139%.

Harvey Dunn, General Manager, Progress Printing


* Real world results, used by permission.
Productivity gains by Progress Printing
Revenue gains by CLUBWAKA