Certified RESULTSBI Consultant

Mike Brassaw

 St. Petersburg, Florida

Operating Areas: Southeastern and Mountain states of the U.S.


  • Operational Excellence

  • Strategy Execution

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development  


Helping executives achieve organizational goals and instill a culture of operational excellence by applying battle-tested solutions gleaned from 26 years of leading Marines in combat and crises around the globe. As the former Chief of Staff to two 4-star generals, he shares principles of how to lead successful organizations consistently and how executives can instill a culture of operational excellence.

"On one level, wisdom is nothing more than the ability to take your own advice. It's actually very easy to give people good advice. It's very hard to follow the advice that you know is good...If someone came to me with my list of problems, I would be able to sort that person out very easily."—Sam Harris

In my opinion, this quote from Sam Harris captures the essence of executive coaching. We all work with extremely talented people capable of solving complex issues. The role of an Executive Coach is to help executives have “aha moments” and, more importantly, act upon what they already know is right.

Executive coaching by Execute to Excel can accelerate the process of realization and action so that your organization operates more effectively. At Execute to Excel, we focus on practical, battle-tested solutions that instill operational excellence and get measurable results for clients.

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