Achievement Unlimited, Inc.

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Certified RESULTSBI Consultant


Vistage, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, KPI's


For over 20 years, Achievement Unlimited has worked with motivated business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants to clearly define the elements of what they dearly want their lives to look like. Then, they help them connect all the moving parts that make up those visions to consistent action and habits. The experience of being in one of AU’s classes is one of exhilaration and shared purpose. AU has identified all the parts of achievement that can become easily disconnected or postponed and through their programs connect the dots for their participants in such a way that the participants achieve more than they ever thought possible.

“The cost of doing nothing far exceeds the cost of investing in yourself and your company.” ~ Michael Gidlewski

Michael Gidlewski excelled in corporate sales and when he reached the most senior level, he realized that his definition of success had changed. He was tired of striving, tired of the insanity never having enough time for the things he valued, and working harder and harder with less to show for it. He realized that he was living someone else’s idea of success and it had no relevance to his own. It was a pivotal moment and one that made him change course radically. He knew what he didn’t want but had more trouble figuring out what he wanted his life to look like. He radically changed course. He studied with the best; he learned that there is a bit more to setting and achieving goals than meets the eye. He identified his strengths and values and discovered the rewards that come from teaching and guiding others to reach their potential than the actual sales process. Michael has the unique ability to wake up possibility that others can’t see for themselves.

One of his unique abilities is to guide his clients to a new clarity in thinking that gives them definition around what they most want to achieve. He asks the questions that most people avoid asking themselves. Then he starts to focus on the action components that make achievement reality: skills, values, learning, time, and measurement. Before they met him, most of his clients had tried setting goals. But they found that clarity was hard to come by. Figuring out how to take consistent action, finding the time, measuring progress seemed almost impossible. Michael uses the concepts and practices of energy, focus, and support as the levers that catapult the actions needed to make things happen.

Michael is has a deep belief in continuous improvement and the untapped potential of individuals he inspires the people and companies he works with to focus on their high payoff activities leading toward your goals and achievement focused on their strengths, making the process not only enjoyable but fulfilling.

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